Welcome to DWF 2017!

Salsa Cruise Party + Your Dream Vacation


It’s time to PARTY, it’s time to have CRAZY FUN!. 

If you’re ready to learn the ropes of the business, if you’re eager to share your excitement with everyone you know, and to meet lots of new faces you don’t, and if you can’t wait to swap ideas and suggestions with others who are just as passionate as you are…
Let us show that enthusiasm by starting you off in the right direction! In this section, we will provide you step-by-step instructions that detail everything you need to know about promoting the event smoothly and efficiently.

Let’s get started!

  • Promoters: “Get $50 when you sell 1 cruise pass of $660”

    When you purchase/sell 11 passes you enjoy Ambassador BENEFITS

    Ambassadors: “Get Free Cruise for 1 Person” + 1 Complimentary Spa Treatment onboard

  • Save $50 for workshop Pass + Extended Early Bird Price.

    • Super Early Bird Price $150 for 1 person
    • Using your promo code dancers pay only $100 for 1 person
    • Super Early Bird ends May 31st, using your promo code dancer can purchase at same price until June 30th (Subject to cabins availability, recommended to purchase on time to avoid disappointment)

    Total Saving $50

  • Step for Registration are very simple

    • Fill the FORM or send us an email ‘
    • Request your prefered “PROMO CODE”
    • Receive Promo Code
    • Start promoting

Tips on Promoting

  • Doing the activity you love fulfill your heart desire, helping others to achieve such desires will provide even deeper satisfactions. In DWF 2017, there is possibility for you to make these desires a reality
    You can talk more about it with friends, invite dancers and tell them the many benefits they can gain. If you have any questions, share it with our team and we will work them right away for you
  • Choose your favorite artists, dj or friends cover use on Facebook

    * Request new cover with your picture & personal message up to 3-6 words.  Email us at

    You can also share our Facebook page to those who love traveling & events!

  • Facebook event page has limited number of invitation, inviting friends who are interested is a great tool to let them know about the events.

    Go to the event page > Select Invite Friends > Add friends who you think will be more interested to know & to keep update themselves by RSVP in the event page.

  • In order to prove the success of such event, a glimpse of success must be projected to the audience. Promo Video & Event page are good tools to attract participants 

  • Following the Facebook page, you can get the updates of the events and can add your suggestions and more.

    Every few week, you will have new updates to share, think about it and make suggestions if necessary. You can request for us to add you on the WhatsApp group, Facebook group, or in Mailing list.

  • What can be the best way to attend festival & you have lots of interesting stuff to talk about?

    If you are one of those who are attending festival & lots of parties,

    Let us know the names of upcoming events where you would like to promote DWF. On request official DWF Tshirt will be mail to your address.

    Yes it will be free & Send to you by post

    or ask the DJ to help you

  • You can as well promote our event with a Printing Banner in Dance schools, socials community, and events.

    Pictures are another way to promote our event in school, clubs, and community. (We cover Your Expenses).

  • Invite new dancers and encourage them to join even if they are beginner. These friends can also invite other dancers, family, as well as other friends. Direct questions are the best way to start.

Please register here...