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A selection of useful topics that can help answer questions you may have before booking cruise trip. If you do not find answer you are looking for please send us a message.
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12 Dec 2019



Pre Party 


13 Dec 2019



Luxury Cruise


14 Dec 2019


Onboard Cruise

Luxury Cruise


15 Dec 2019



Arrive Guangzhou

The pass are in USD and do not include personal expenses, transfer to cruise/hotel or spa

Cruising Itinerary:

Nansha, Guangzhou – High Seas – Nansha, Guangzhou


Click below to know more info on following topics:

  • How can i book ?

    • Visit official website: www.SalsaCruiseParty.com
    • Choose either party pass, full pass (Book cabins direct with your nearest travel agent and inform us your booking number to enjoy 10% discount on passes)
    • Choose VIP or Gold pass (DWF will be book cabins for you + Full Pass for 2 person, sharing cabin twin share basis)
    • Make Payment
    • Receive PDF attachment from Eventbrite
      Hurrah!!!!! You are BOOKED!

    Share event with your Friends!

  • Unlike every booking for cabins was done by DWF. Due to price difference in various countries, we recommend dancers to book at their own convenient any suitable cabins as per your budget.

    DWF is booking cabins for group on request and also for official ambassadors and line-up.

    Our prices are displayed on website, you may consider booking direct or with us once you have check the prices in your city/country. All payments once made for booking are NON-REFUNDABLE

    Before kindly reserve full pass or party pass when you are ready to book your cabins

      • Inside Stateroom:
    • $310 Quad Share
    • $320 Triple Share
    • $380 Twin Share
    • $490 Single occupancy
      • Oceanview Stateroom:
    • $350 Quad Share
    • $360 Triple Share
    • $450 Twin Share
    • $590 Single occupancy
      • Balcony Stateroom:
    • $390 Quad Share
    • $410 Triple Share
    • $510 Twin Share
    • $760 Single occupancy
      • Suite Stateroom:
    • On request

    Click here to see cabins pictures!

  • Yes its a great price but take a moment to also know what is included so you can plan your budget accordingly & enjoy the event with full mood

    What’s included?

      • Party Pass

    This is good for those who would like to join party with dancers & artists all around the world in Guangzhou & onboard Cruise

    Include parties on 12, 13 & 14 Dec

      • Full pass

    Access to shows, parties and workshop on 2 nights cruise from Gz – High Seas – Gz. It does include Pre Party in Guangzhou but do not include Workshop in Guangzhou. Kindly purchase Guangzhou pass seperate

    • Price $120 USD
    • Guangzhou Workshop $25 per workshop or $40 for 2 workshpos

      • VIP Pass (for Interior Cabin)

    Access to shows, parties & workshop from 12 – 15 Dec. 

    Include 1 interior cabins for 2 persons

    • Pre Party + Workshops in GZ
    • Cruise Parties
    • Cruise workshops
    • Price $1000

      • GOLD Pass (for Balcony Cabin)

    Access to shows, parties & workshop from 12 – 15 Dec. 

    Include 1 Balcony cabins for 2 persons

    • Pre Party + Workshops in GZ
    • Cruise Parties
    • Cruise workshops
    • Price $1000

    What’s non included?

    • WiFi 
    • Drinks package
    • Personal expenses
    • Flights to & from 
    • Accommodation in the City
    • Shore excursions at each ports of call, casino, specialty restaurant, spa massages, duty free shopping, etc.

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  • We are really expecting you, but all cabins or passes purchased are NON-REFUNDABLE.

    To assist we can allow name change with $30 USD fees if name change request is send after 1st October. Before 1st October there would be no name change fees

    All tickets MUST be purchased by official website only. If you are booking cabins directly, you must inform us booking number. 

    All tickets purchased are Non-Refundable.

    You may transfer ticket to another person if you are unable to join last moment. Additional fees may apply.

    Please do not compare cruise offer with DWF offers. We are hosting event and our policies and cancellation terms will not be same as other Travel agents or online cruise cancellation policy.

    • Casino
    • Crystal life Spa
    • Zouk Club
    • Basketball Court
    • Cinema at Sea
    • Rock Climbing
    • Duty-free shopping
    • Water slide parks
    • Ropes Courses
    • Mini Golf
    • Arcade
    • Glow Bowl
    • Zouk Beach Club
    • Esports Erena
    • Crystal Life Fitness

    Explore cruise World Dream Cruise

  • This is a great idea! What greater it could be than having family & friends onboard enjoying your dream vacation & salsa event at ONE Price!!

    Whether you’re a beginner dancer or hard core dancer, or group of friends just yearning for holidays or event family with kids, DWF will offer everything you looking for onboard Luxury Dream Cruise!

    Enjoy a truly splendid holidays at unbeatable price in magnificent Cruise ship!

    • Prices are quoted for 1 person & twin share basis on the website.
    • Full cabin price will be chargeable for Single Occupancy. 
    • E.g Inside stateroom is $1000 per person, on single occupancy $1000 + $1000 = $2000 will be payable Or you can calculate as 200% of price quoted.  

    Don’t have a roommate? No worries!

    please contact us via email & we will help you find roommate for you.

  • The event focus more on Salsa & Bachata with few Kizomba.

    We let Dj’s decide to choose Salsa On1 or On2, Sensual Bachata or Dominican as per dancers. This year we adding Kizomba but only in social dancing. If you are only Kizomba dancer please do note we will not have exclusive Kizomba artists line up or workshops. So please check line up, program, or contact us before you make any purchase online.

    Social Dancing:

    6 Bachata + 4 Salsa + 2 Kizomba

  • Please check with your nearest travel agent to confirm if you need visa (as per your nationality) 

    Entry requirements differ depending on what country you are a resident and citizen of.

    You may also need to obtain visas for certain countries on your cruise itinerary and we advise that you contact your travel agent for details and assistance.

    It is the sole responsibility of the guest to identify and obtain all required travel documents and have them available when necessary. Guests who do not possess the proper documentation may be prevented from boarding their flight or ship or from entering a country and may be subject to fines. No refunds will be given to individuals who fail to bring proper documentation

  • Boarding on 13 Dec, at Nansha Guangzhou. At time of booking your cabins, please check with cruise the boarding details and follow the instructions.

    Returning on 15 Dec, at Nansha Guangzhou. Please book your flights accordingly so that you can arrive airport on time.

    You can choose to do online check-in to save time

  • Well we will be delighted to have you in DWF Team.

    Do let us know if you have experience in events or have a unique talent which may benefit event.

    Please talk to us or email us with your info. We will gladly assist you in knowing more about the event.

    Local or overseas all enquiries are welcome. Make sure volunteer will not get free cruise but you will certain % of discount & loads of rewards & be part of the creative team!!

  • Only approved or authorized media will be allowed to use professional cameras for video & photos. We really would like you to enjoy every moment & let our professional media capture all moments naturally without even being noticed by you.

    Purchase of pass allow you to participate in event but do not allow to officially cover the media for event.

    Please do check Terms & Condition for more details

  • Yes, you can always book privates with your favourite artists. Please drop us an email at Team@salsacruiseparty.com and we will check with artists. All privates are confirmed only after payment is done.

    Usually on top of each artists fees for privates, there would be additional charge for use of venue or dance studio, this will be added with private fees and dancer should not have any objection to pay such fees.

  • Click here to see discounts & commission for Dancers, Group Leaders, Performers & Ambassadors

    Promoters and Ambassadors have given discounted cabins to sell. There are few examples when you have purchased at online rate & your friend or other have purchased lower.

    • Example 1: If ‘X’ promoter had sold all cabins & ‘Y’ promoter has remaining cabins, they are still allowed to sell at promotion rates whereas ‘X’ promoter is selling at normal rate.
    • Example 2: There are some cases where dancer who has purchase cabin could not join and request us to sell at discounted or early bird rate, this allow us to offer available cabins at low rates. This discount doesnt apply to all cabins.
  • We only work with artists who do not have past history of ‘cancellation’, this is to ensure we build trust as we host more events. If any artists are cancelled due to visa issue or injuries, we do look for available artists to replace.

DWF do not take any responsibility of loss or damage during the entire event and have rights to make changes or make updates in event, venues, artists line up & program..

Contact us if you have any more queries

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